solid much respect for RRM’s voice, and Murphy’s acting. And Snipes!

watched on a plane pretty flat and stupid +++ the lead and her last line – – – most everything else

Big Coastal Ham, Defoe style! Pattinson gets very New Yawk at the end, is that intentional? His fake identity is slipping? Feel like this is the inverse of Duke of Burgundy. I haven’t seen Duke of Burgundy yet, so that’s just a feeling A bit vague in parts Is Pattinson actually naked and Promethean at […]

Adam Driver can sing, also! Julie Hagerty! Alan Alda! Laura Dern! Ray Liotta! Wallace Fucking Shawn! Doesn’t take sides (much but still mostly takes Driver’s, which is fine I guess since it’s not blame-y, just more sympathetic to Driver) The one real fight is anticlimactic There are no stakes because we don’t really know their […]

complete garbage

T’s most subtle work? (except for Jackie Brown, which is still better)