so inoffensive it wouldn’t matter if it transgressed canon, because nobody would remember the origin of the name: dumb coasting on performer charm the overarching motif/trope of making the robots the most sympathetic characters in the new SW movies

A TV show pretending to be a movie Bad color, or maybe just no Deakins titular Tom Waits James Franco armless/legless girl who got rattled the last one though 2 & 3 and 4 & 5 tie each other, probably dated sort of storytelling, Twilight Zoney, Black Mirror: 1873 v twisty and not much else […]

The Raid-style “I can’t fucking believe this shit” action madness that was fun and also unsettling to watch and ultimately is sillier and slightly less relentless than┬áThe Raid: Redemption and therefore inferior to it. Uncle Bobby and his prison-shivving style was impressive, and of course the final fight scene, which by the end both Ito […]

Surprise! He was an asshole. But hey, Robert Williams This breaks my string of movies with five words in the title, as this one either has one word or (with the subtitle) seven. Three stars like almost all documentaries, ehhhhhhhhh

Lynne fucking Ramsey almost certainly the best of 2018, top 5 without question SOUND DESIGN

another The State joint basically but also with comedians doing impressions of other comedians I really like Michael O’Donoghue and the Thomas Lennon simulacrum of him everybody’s fine, a lot of glossing over things, some non-grating meta

funny, solid political satire that isn’t ham-fisted or romanticizing surprised by horses don’t know about the twist ending though Tessa Thompson: again Personal Note: basically RIP Moviepass (Rest In Pundits talking around the inherent stupidity of the idea because it’s tech-oriented venture capitalism)

well executed and pointless two dependencies on luck to create the plot (twists) laughable ending (titular line syndrome) none of the portrayal/examination of the moral/ethical/political complexities of using of the war on drugs, just ACTION!, vague loyalty and duty, even more vague political machinations

would have been a decent heist movie, but then they tacked a bunch of meta stuff to it and never came close to explaining why underlying tacit acceptance of big-C Capitalism, the ideology that makes books worth more than people are we supposed to like these dumb kids or the adults they became, who remain […]

well executed wish it had no music at all daughter: genius or idiot? emotional content a little forced

fine, I guess VERY Wes Anderson, probably too Wes Anderson peak or post-peak Wes Anderson style hardened into a carapace hard leveraging of “people love dogs” to provide the emotional core which is increasingly lacking in Anderson’s movies American character was unnecessary and annoying (Gerwig was fine) this movie shows up, acts twee for a […]

not quite wall-to-wall laughs but solid Iannucci

creepy and disturbing at times not sure the characters exist enough to evoke true connection (but maybe, maybe) doesn’t stick the landing, but the landing may be unstickable, or the ending needed to be a different kind of landing the Thing at the end is a little underwhelming, iridescsent denim golem, don’t think the effects […]