Mostly? Gross.

the future is surprisingly lo-res bold choice to shoot all major action pieces in the dark or with an invisible protagonist but not in an exciting or interesting way mostly boring and murky, like the cinematography end scene with the mom is somehow resonant though it shouldn’t be Kitano ambush: now that’s what I call […]

anyone who didn’t like this movie doesn’t really like this kind of movie anyone threatened by this movie is an fragile asshole

best Marvel movie until the next one by Waititi (if there is one) everybody’s likable Cate Blanchett is your dream goth gf in her sexiest athleisure outfit—a little wasted, but not her fault, Hela wasn’t very deeply written, lots of opportunity for family dynamics but alas only the most token acknowledgment thereof Thor’s good, Loki’s […]

even heroes have daddy issues, but this movie deals with them surprisingly well Ego as a name is a bit telegraphy

Fassbinder’s Alien: Odd Couple servicable, but why only movies about synthetics from now on, please

like a delicious-looking sandwich where all the components are made out of unflavored firm tofu who the fuck thinks marriage is going to exist in a recognizable form  five hundred years in the future? Luc Besson, apparently interesting to see a vaguely charismatic lead completely miscast smarter than average high school burnout or intergalactic policeman, […]

kubrickian, yes… but how parodically Kubrickian? something wasn’t mysterious enough I wished the father had shot himself overt references to symbol/metaphor as healing or analgesic or justice