worst matte painting ever

a surprisingly greater-than-three-star doc the stooges were/are charismatic idiots, like everyone else in the 1960s (except for the charismatic part) terrible font choice

not flawless, but there are no glaring errors great and unexpected mirroring of plot, theme, execution

the kind of movie Scroggs would like if he weren’t dead nice ambiguous ending Jeff Bridges acting like he’s literally chewing scenery—and it works

Nicolas Winding Refn hates story. Story as a punchy less pretentious word for “narrative”, as if I needed to worry about pretense in an essay like this. The plot has never been a strong element in any of his movies. The Pusher trilogy, Bronson, Valhalla Rising, even Drive are more picaresque or episodic than anything else—character is the engine […]