better than I remembered

Greenaway at his most fun and probably best any excuse to not make a movie while making a movie TO THE BIT HE COMMITS you must commit to the bit, and The Falls is proof also maybe the best thing the Brothers Quay have ever done

they’re asleep at the end, my ass

This was fucking awful, but not transcendentally awful if you think people saying the word “shit” is height of comedy, this movie is for you aggressively bad, but always smug they weren’t blissfully ignorant, they just didn’t care, and the apathy is apparent thin veneer of shitty “parody” to try to hide the numerous flaws

Bid Ed! Yaphet Kotto! Wilford Brimley is never happy Prison reform, but somehow it’s still all about Brubaker! He gets to cry at the end. The conclusion is a literal non-ironically deployed slow clap. By convicts. As white savior guy drives away, having made next to no practical impact but having stayed pure in his […]